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The department of pediatrics at Fostr multispecialty hospital offers comprehensive medical care to children and adolescents. The children’s specialty hospital in Panathur, Bangalore, provides safe, high quality, and compassionate medical care and treatment to our young patients.

The best Pediatrician hospital in Panathur, Banglore has few of the best child specialists and Pediatricians with years of experience and adhere to evidence based treatment guidelines making the Department of Paediatrics at Fostr Hospital one of the best pediatric centers Bangalore.

Our pediatricians are available for consultation early in the morning and also late in the evening till 8 pm, to ensure our young patients do not miss school, or their parents do not skip work to address their child’s healthcare needs.

Reated Tests



Fostr Healthcare cardiology department’s endeavors to offer advanced care for all your needs concerning heart health.


Dental Care

Experience top-quality dental care at Fostr Healthcare, where your smile is our priority.


Dermatology & Cosmetology

Fostr multispecialty clinic offers Dermatology & Cosmetology services, where our expert team provides comprehensive skin care treatments and advanced cosmetic procedures to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.

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